Writer’s Celebration

Writer’s Celebration Day.  A day that my students look forward to each time they finish publishing.  A day to get lots of feedback from classmates, friends, teachers, and even administrators.  A day to feel accomplished.

Each time my students publish a piece of writing, we have a Writer’s Celebration.  This may look a little different in my room than it does other places, so I thought I’d share how it works.

I have my students put their writing piece out on their desk with a pencil and a Writer’s Celebration page.  I play fun music for the students as they walk around and make comments on each others’ writing.  Students are only allowed to write positive comments.  Not just any positive comment, but a comment that is specific to a skill or craft of the writer.  I always have to go over sample comments which range from idea development or vocabulary use to handwriting or the use of paragraphs.  I like for students to know what it is that others like about their writing.  They get better and better at it the more they do it.

I really love watching their eyes light up when they see what others have said about their writing.  And this is always followed by chatter with their table-mates about their comments.  And smiles.  :)

If you think this sounds like something you would like to do, I’ve posted the Writer’s Celebration page that we use.  Feel free to download it and use it in your classroom.  Be sure to let me know how you and your students like it!  Click here for the download.

Writer's CelebrationHow do you celebrate writing in your classroom?  Leave a comment below.  I’m always looking for new ways to praise students for their accomplishments!




  1. This is a great idea! And you’ve formatted it in a way that’s easy for kids to take compliments home and show their families. Nice!


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