Test Prep at its Finest!

Ladies and gentlemen! I have some good news for you!

Are you tired of long, boring test prep passages for editing and revising? If so, you’re in luck! I just posted my newest (and quite possibly my favorite so far!) product in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. It’s my fourth set of POPPERS: A Daily Writing Review.

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 9.27.05 PM

This set, unlike sets 1 – 3, is geared toward test prep…well, in a different format…let’s say that! This new set includes six whole weeks of editing and revising practice in a fun way. I’ve included high interest passages (that I created) to keep kids motivated throughout the grueling days of preparing for the dreaded test.

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 9.27.22 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 9.28.59 PM


All the details you need are posted in the description when you visit my store. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask away in the comments! :)



  1. Am I tired of boring revise and editing passages?!? YES! Thank you for creating and sharing such a wonderful resource. My students and I benefit so much from all of the time and creativity you put into your work.

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