Monday Made It September

Hey, y’all!  I know, I know.  I’ve been pretty much MIA for awhile.  It’s just that I SOOOO enjoyed my summer this year.  I planned on doing so many projects and getting more schoolwork done…BUT…that didn’t happen.  I just took some REAL time off from school and enjoyed EVERY bit of it.  So…now I’m getting my groove back.  No, I’m not Stella…but…you know…  😉

I’m linking up for the first time since probably April for Tara’s Monday Made It.  I missed out on all of the weekly MMI’s, but I’m back in business and should be linking up each month now.  Yay for Monday Made It!!





First up is our bathroom redo.  We moved into a foreclosure almost a year ago….and wow…it needed some WORK.  Like…SERIOUS work!  So much that we got burned out pretty quickly after repainting the entire upstairs in one weekend!  We did some things here and there, but we still have a long way to go.

I included the top picture so that you could see what a transformation it was from old to “new.”  It was just gross!  This is our little guy’s bathroom.  I’m totally LOVING those floors!  We put them in ourselves.  Yep!  Who knew I would become a professional DIYer, too?  I wear many hats!





photo 4

I created these little guys earlier this week to use in our classroom library.  I’m SO DONE with students putting their books back into the wrong baskets.  I’m too OCD for that…ain’t nobody got time for that!  Right?  Am I right?!?!?  So these little gems go on the basket where students pull their books.  It’s such a simple idea…and I stole it from someone on IG.  I don’t remember who or I would totally give them the credit.  GENIUS!!

photo 2

Of course, I HAD to use Melonheadz clipart.  She’s AH-mazing!  Love, love, LOVE her schtuff!


Ok, so my #3 is a series of things that I’ve put up on my walls this past week.  A couple of anchor charts and my Specials rotation board.  We’ll get to that in a minute.

photo 1

photo 2

Both of these charts will stay up in my room ALL. YEAR. LONG.  Do your kids ever “forget” how to choose a book?  Oh, and I know the NEVER forget what Independent Reading looks like!  HA!  Yeah…mine, either!  So…these are little reminders to keep them on track throughout the year.  No more excuses, kids!  Ain’t nobody got time for that, either!  :)

photo 4

And…last, but not least…is my Specials rotation chart.  It’s not *quite* finished because I have to add the days of the week…and I’ll probably change the clipart to the lovely Melonheadz clipart….and I don’t really like that font in the middle….ok, I might change the WHOLE DARN THING….all but the chevron paper.  I like that.  Oh…and the clothespin needs some color, huh?  Yeah….get ready for October MMI…maybe more like Monday REDO It!

Monday Made It 1

So there you have it.  My MMI for September.  I could have posted more, but I only made my MMI labels to 3.  So again, my OCD wouldn’t allow me to do any more because they would probably be different.  And I’m too lazy to redo them tonight.  Oooooh, that could be added to my October MMI!  Look at me go.  Starting a list already!

I hope your week is off to a great start!  Thanks for stopping by my blog!  If you haven’t already, head over to 4th Grade Frolics and check out some other awesome teacher bloggers who have some really cute stuff, too!  Ta ta for now!


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