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I’m linking up with two other blogs today for my Sunday post.  The first linky party is with iSurf for their Math linkup.

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Rounding Game

Students in 4th grade are usually proficient in rounding to the nearest ten or hundred, but once they see the comma and hit the thousands, they forget what to do, so I created a simple game to spiral this skill through my math stations.

I found a wooden cube that I had from an old set of math manipulatives and wrote tens, hundreds, and thousands on it (twice each, since there are 6 sides).  I also found some cube printables online, but chose the wooden one since I will be using this for awhile!  I then pulled out our math cards that have numbers 0-9 on them.  You could use a deck of playing cards, but you would lose 0 and 1, or you could find a printable set online, print them on cardstock, and use those.

The game: Pull out 4 cards from the deck.  Write the numbers down on a whiteboard.  Roll the place value rounding die.  When you know what place value you will be rounding, underline the numbers you will work with to round, and round your number.  Have your partner check your work.

It’s simple, but for some reason, when you add dice to a game, the students are more engaged and feel like they are really playing a game (when, in fact, they are reviewing their rounding rules).

I want them to be able to round to the hundred thousands by the time they leave, so I intend to transition them from my homemade dice to real dice.  They would then count over the number of places shown on the die they are rolling, and then round their number.  They will need to pull more cards with this version, too.

For more fun math games, be sure to head over to iSurf and check out the linkups!

And now for A Peek at my Week with Mrs. Laffin’s Laughings.

Peek at My Week


This week we will begin multiplication in math.  This is always fun interesting!  There are so many different levels of learners in the room, so we will all start out very basic with base 10 blocks.

In Writer’s Workshop, we will be putting Gretchen Bernabei’s writing resources to the test!  I LOVE her stuff.  If you haven’t heard of her, you HAVE to check out her lessons and strategies.  She has a WEALTH of knowledge and shares what she knows.  There are numerous free printables on her website, and I have most of them on my Writer’s Workshop page.  We will start Monday by writing our “kernel” essays.


We will continue to use our base 10 blocks to explore multiplication in math.  In writing, we will begin our transfer of our kernel essay into a flipbook.  It’s amazing how much more students will write when you break it into smaller chunks.  The flipbook allows them to focus on one paragraph at a time using a text structure. (You can find the text structures on the Writer’s Workshop page, too!)


We will transition our multiplication practice to using pictures.  The students will put away the base 10 blocks and begin drawing pictures and looking at arrays and other pictures instead.  In writing, we will continue to fill out our flipbooks and ask questions about our writing to be sure we are adding in all of those juicy details our readers want to read.


Today we will continue using pictures and arrays to understand multiplication.  We will also continue in our flipbooks, adding those finishing touches to our stories.


Historically, Fridays are assessment days.  We will assess to see how far the students have come with their understanding of multiplication.  In writing, we will take our spelling test, and with our time left over, we will go back and reread our stories and make sure we are happy with what we have written.  We will celebrate those stories by walking around the room and reading others’ stories and writing down feedback for the authors.

It’s jam-packed, but it will be fun!  Have a great week!



  1. Looks like you’ll have a fun week!
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