From This to That: Narrative Upgrades

Not much writing for you tonight–just some samples of student work from the last couple of weeks before the Christmas break.  I took before and after pictures of my students’ writing.  I decided to let you actually see what their writing looks like–what we started from and how they made changes to complete their final copy.  For more information on what we did in between the rough draft and final copy, click here.  Enjoy!

Abram 1


Abram 2

Abram-Final Copy












Andrew 1


Andrew 2

Andrew-Final Copy












Chelsea 1


Chelsea 2

Chelsea-Final Copy













Daliyah 1


Daliyah 2

Daliyah-Final Copy













Destiny 1


Destiny 2

Destiny-Final Copy












Julian 1


Julian 2

Julian-Final Copy












McKeanne 1


McKeanne 2

McKeanne-Final Copy












Tony 1


Tony 2

Tony-Final Draft











These are the final products after going back and trying to focus on only ONE event, and then adding in thoughtshots and snapshots.  They appear small in the post, but if you click on them you can read them much better when they enlarge on the screen.  I’m so proud of the work that these kiddos have done so far.  Looking forward to a fun new semester…and learning even more!


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