Narrative Writing Sample from STAAR 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, let me share with you an awesome narrative paper written to the 2013 STAAR prompt.

We gave our students a benchmark back at the beginning of February, and their prompts were the released STAAR prompts from last year.  One of my students wrote an AH-mazing paper about the simplest thing–getting a positive note home to her parents in her behavior folder from the teacher next door.

I thought this one was worth sharing.  There are lots of lessons that can be taught using this piece, including vocabulary, idioms, and mostly–how to write long about a small moment or something that seems insignificant to most…something that makes the paper so incredibly interesting.  :)

Click here to download and/or view.  Congrats to Sherlyn, the author!  Isn’t she just awesome?!



  1. Lu Ann Douglas says:

    Such a fabulous job! She certainly took a very mundane topic and turned it into an excellent writing piece. I fear I could not have done nearly as well. She is a terrific writer!

  2. Well done, Sherilyn. We are coming up to our standardised testing (in Australia) in May so I am going to see if any of my students can produce a piece of writing as good as yours.

    Congratulations to you and to your excellent teacher.

  3. Logan joseph Schaffer says:

    I bet we’ll make it to the star test and all pass because you’ve taught us well Mrs . Shook

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