Expository Flipbooks

Several of you have asked about the flipbooks we use for expository writing, so I pulled some out from my presentation box to share with you.

We are finishing up our first “real” expository pieces tomorrow, so I’ll have some to share with you soon!  These flipbooks I’m showing you tonight are from previous classes and have been through numerous trainings…so excuse their condition.  😉

These below are some that we used with a prompt about someone we admire.  We wrote our kernel essay sentences along the bottom, and then underneath the flaps we wrote more information to flesh out the paragraph.  The sticky notes were answers to questions that our peers had, and we incorporated that into each paragraph, too.





That bottom one, of course, is mine that I wrote along with my kiddos.  It’s always good for them to have an example.

These next flipbooks are more recent.  I used this style with my students THIS year for this same text structure.  You will still notice the kernel essay sentences along the bottom, but then we thought through the piece and put down icons on the flaps that we could then turn into sentences on the inside of the flaps.  Just a little FYI…I’ve decided it works better without cutting the flaps…just leave one long one…it’s more durable and doesn’t fall apart when they rip them out of their folders… *sigh*



Again, notice that the icons on the front of the flaps turned into sentences underneath.  This helps them to write longer.  :)

I’ve created some expository revision stations, but they aren’t quite finished yet.  Right now they are all on one piece of paper without clipart…and just plain BORING!  I’ll hopefully have those up in my store by tomorrow night.

I’ll update this post soon with examples from this year…along with the FINAL piece!  Eek!  :)

Hope this helps!

Happy Sunday, y’all!!



  1. I love and thank you for keeping us updated on what your class is going through with writing. I have learned so much from you and thus my students have too!! Thank you!

  2. How do you have your revision stations? I am a first year teacher teaching 4th grade here in SA Texas. I love your blog! It is very helpful. :)

    • Kayla Shook says:

      I just put my students into groups and have them rotate around the room every 10 minutes or so. :)

      • Do you have them do different things in the different groups, revising, editing, punctuation and so on? After they do this folded paper do you make them write their draft and then their final copy or from here the edit on it and publish?

        • Kayla Shook says:

          Hi, Sylvia! I don’t make them write another draft after the flipbooks. I just have them do the revising stations with their flipbooks. I use my revising stations, so each station has a focus…thoughts, actions, talking, and descriptions…each one is a different station. The editing station is just looking for complete sentences, capital letters, and ending punctuation.

  3. Kristina Diaz says:

    I am LOVING your site. I am a 3rd grade teacher and I appreciate the detailed explanations, pictures and examples. They help so much. Have you ever thought about video taping your lessons or how you conference with your students? I would love that. Thank you again for sharing with a 3rd grade teacher who is scared to teach writing! :-)

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