Whew!  It’s been quite the busy day around here.  I’m JUST now getting around to posting my CURRENTLY for September.

Here goes:

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Can you believe that I have not turned on the T.V. ALL day?!?!   Yeah…I’ve been too busy for that!  I created two new products for my team and put them in my TpT store.  I didn’t create them FOR that, but since I spent the day on the computer, I figured…might as well, right?

I love, love, LOVE 3 day weekends!  Especially the one that follows the first week of school.  You know that saying, “There’s no tired like a teacher at the end of the first week of school tired?”  It’s SOOOO true!

I’m currently thinking about how much I have to do in the morning before my kidlettes come streaming in the door.  Procrastination at its finest…  Well, not really…just needed to get some things off of my computer at home.  The filters at school are ridiculous strict…and things that I had saved on my blog…yeah, I can’t get to them from my school computer. *sigh*

This 3 day weekend…and my first week…has gotten me wishing that I could just stay home with my little guy.  I love spending time with him, and I miss him so much when I’m at school.  This year has been extra hard for some reason.  I know the feeling will probably pass, but for now…just missing the heck outta him!

Right now…I need some water.  Speaking of the little guy…he drank the rest of the water in my water bottle, so I need to go downstairs and get another one.  But…I don’t really feel like it.  I’m sitting here typing instead…haha.

My top 3 places I’d like to visit: First up is New York.  I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go, but I’ve never been.  The hustle and bustle of the big city entices me.  I might not sleep the whole time, but it would be so much fun!  Second is Switzerland.  My husband has been and he said it’s one of the most beautiful places ever.  Plus…they have good chocolate, right?  Right?  And last is Hawaii.  I know, I know, everyone says they want to go there.  But it just looks so darn pretty with all those bright colors and gorgeous flowers.  The vegetation is so different than here in central Texas.  It’s probably not all brown…

So there you have it.  My LATE entry to Farley’s CURRENTLY linky.  If you haven’t already, head over to Oh Boy 4th Grade and check out TONS of other bloggers and get to know them a little bit better.  It’s always lots of fun!

Bye for now!




  1. thanks so much for linking up… I dashed over to your TpT and added several items to my wish list!!!

    • Oh, my goodness…I feel like I have touched greatness! The real Farley commented on your post! How fun! I’m in Texas too – West Texas now, but I grew up near San Antonio – small world! I also want to go to Hawaii! Have a great day at school tomorrow!

      FCS and Then Some

  2. I agree with you about wanting to stay home with your little guy. I have a little girl and am constantly thinking about being home with her. I’m envious about you creating today. I have to start up again. I’ve just been to busy the past few weeks.

  3. I found you through Farley’s link up. You have a great looking blog BTW

  4. You’ve had a busy weekend! Your team is lucky to have you! And two TpT products is a bonus!

    Have a great first week of school. I’m starting tomorrow as well- kindergarten- yikes. Really, I’m looking forward to starting the school journey with those little guys. It’s so exciting.

  5. I am back in a fourth grade classroom teaching writing after 17 years of teaching upper level!!! Yikes!!!!
    Could you maybe tell me what you have your students doing in the way of actual writing activities/assignments at this point – the second and third week of school? I don’t want to assume too much but I don’t want to move too slowly either. I appreciate ANY help or suggestions.

    • Kayla Shook says:

      Hi! We use Gretchen Bernabei’s books to help teach writing. This week we discussed the writing process and have been using colors to underline actions, thoughts, dialogue, and descriptions in a mentor text. Tomorrow we will do our plan and begin our first rough draft. After they complete that, we will share with partners and ask each other questions about the writing. From there students will add in details based on the questions asked. Then we will use our mentor text to remind ourselves of how to add in those things we underlined (we call them Writer’s Tools-thoughts, actions, dialogue, and descriptions) and actually add some specific tools to the writing. When they are finished, they will publish their first piece. We are hoping to have it done by next Friday, and then we will have a Writer’s Celebration on Monday. Everyone does things differently, and everyone has a different amount of time for writing. We have 75 mins, but that includes spelling, grammar, and Writer’s Workshop. Hope this helps!

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