Celebrating 50 Followers! Grab My Button!

So today, in celebration of hitting 50 followers, my focus was to finish designing my blog button, and I finally did it!  Woo Hoo!!  I know it doesn’t exactly match my site yet, but my blog will be undergoing a facelift soon.  If you would like to exchange buttons, feel free to grab mine, post it to your blog, and then leave me a comment with your blog name, and I will do the same.

To add my button to your blog, simply copy the code in the box below my button and paste it into a text widget (if you have WordPress).  Then it will show up on your side menu.  You can add a title such as, “Blogs I Like” or “Blogs I Follow.”

I found a few websites helpful in making my button.  I finally landed on one that was very handy in getting the button AND grab box to show up.  Thank you to My Everyday Struggles for an informative post!!

Thanks to all of you who are faithful followers, and thank you to those that just stop by every now and then.  As we all know, traffic is what makes blogging worth it!!  Ya’ll are awesome!!

My Blog Button

My Blog Button




  1. Congratulations! 50 followers in 4 months is impressive.

    • Thanks! I feel very blessed to have so many followers already, especially since the majority of those have come within the last three weeks! I blog about what I love–teaching!! 😉 Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words!!

  2. Hmmm….I tried to copy your button. (using either the text under your button and/or the html address listed when I copied your button symbol) but when I activated that button all that showed were the actual text I copied & it did not act as a link. Do you know what I need to do differently?? (yes, using WordPress) Thanks!

    • So after reading your comment, I went over to my other WordPress blog and tried it and it worked. Did you make sure to copy the whole link? You will have to drag your cursor down to the bottom. What happened to you happened to me the first time I tried to get a button from another website. Once I figured out that there was more code than the two lines shown, I knew that was the problem. After I got the whole code, it worked perfectly. Oh, and make sure you hit save once you are done. Hopefully this helps! If it still doesn’t work, let me know. I’m stoked that you are doing this!! :) Thanks a million!! :)

      • Still trying to make it work…..
        I’m probably trying to copy & paste the wrong thing. I tried the words immediately under your button. Then I tried all the code under that (either the whole string with date & etc. included or just the info after URL:). Is that what I’m supposed to be picking up???? Whatever I try, I just get the literal code printing out (which is not linked). Thanks for your patience with me!!

        • Hmmm….I will tell you how I did it and then you can check to see if you are doing the same thing. :)

          1. Go to the Appearance section of your Dashboard and click on Widgets.

          2. Select the Text widget and drag it to your sidebar.

          3. In another window, hi light and click to copy the entire code in the box under my button.

          4. Go back to your blog Dashboard and paste the code in the Text widget in the large box under the Title box–NOT in the Title box.

          5. Click the blue save button and close it.

          This should work. This is how I have put all the buttons on my site. :)

          Thank YOU for YOUR patience!!

          • OK…one last try. That’s exactly what I’m doing. My question is with #3…copy the entire code in the box under my button. Is that the words “My Blog Button”??? (I’ve tried that…but there is not other code under the button….???)

          • Never mind…I got it, I got it!!! (sorry, I’m so slow…… :(
            I was trying to copy code from your posting, NOT from your actual blog site.
            I love your fresh & easy ideas and plan to share this blog with some of my newer teachers.
            THANKS again!! :)

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