Christmas Sale Going on NOW!!

Who DOESN’T love a sale?!?!  I decided that to help us all get into the Christmas spirit (if you aren’t already…or even if you are), that it would be fun to have a sale in my TpT store.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 5.21.32 PM

From now through Christmas, I will have select items half price…you read that right…HALF PRICE!  I’ve started with two items today.  But don’t waste time because these items will only be on sale for 24 hours when new items will take their place.

Come back every day to find different items HALF PRICE in my store.  And you never know…you might even find LARGE items with slashed prices… 😉

If you don’t follow my store, now is a great time to start!  Just click here to go to my store and then click the “Follow Me” button.  You will be notified as soon as you log in to TpT which items I have put on sale!  Happy shopping!!  :)


Set 3 of POPPERS Available NOW!

For those of you who have been asking (or just wondering in silence…ha), set 3 of POPPERS: A Daily Writing Review is now available in my TpT store.



Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 8.30.59 PM

Notice anything different?  Yep.  I’ve changed it up a bit from the first two sets.  But don’t worry…you’ll like it!  I replaced analogies with similes.  Yay!  I replaced punctuation rules with capitalization rules.  And I changed the spelling rule to prefixes/suffixes.  I made these changes to not only help in writing, but to support reading, too.  Don’t you just love how that works?!?!  😉

You can grab a set here.  As always, thanks so much to all of you who are loyal followers…and customers.  It’s people like you that keep me going.  Well…and the kids, too…  :)  Love you all!!


What Do YOU Want?

Hello, again!  I know, I know…it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged about anything school related.  And you know what?  I’ve enjoyed my hiatus!  😉  I’ve been having fun with the fam and NOT thinking about school.

I’m gearing up to get started on some materials to use next school year…and I need your help!  I want to make some things that will be TRULY useful in the classroom.

Here in Texas we don’t use the CCSS, but our TEKS are pretty much the same, so even if you don’t live in the good ‘ol state of Texas, you can still reap the benefits of products made by us Texas gals!  😉

My BIGGEST project for the summer is a daily writing/grammar review.  I want it to be a warm-up that takes a MAXIMUM of 10 minutes, but really more like 5…

But you know how that goes…some finish in 1 and others can take 10 and still not be done.  I’m going to be working out how to get it simple enough for ALL students to do some quality review in under 10.  Wish me luck!  Ha.

What sorts of things would you like to have to use in your classroom for next year?  I need your input!  Other than a daily review in writing, what ELSE would you go gaga over?

**And…AND…if you suggest it and others comment about the same thing…and it gets made…everyone…EVERYONE involved will get that product for FREE.  Yep…FREEEEEEE!  That’s how much I want you to help out!  I’m all about helping out others who do their part!

Oh yeah…and I’ll be self-contained next year, so ANY subject is appropriate.

So….let’s get this ball rolling.  Comment below on what you would like to have for your classroom next year.

Don’t be scared.  Your wish may just come true…and you get it for free!




More Task Cards!

I just posted a new set of task cards to my TpT store that go along with the Crunch Time Lesson Plans.  Apparently I can’t even follow my own plans…I did Thursday’s lesson today, so tomorrow we will be doing Wednesday’s lesson.  Can we say overworked?  :)

Grammar Task Cards with QR Codes Change y to iThese cards (with QR codes, of course!) practice a spelling rule: Change “y” to “i” and add -es, -ly, and -est.  There are also some answer choices that review the rules from earlier in the week, even though they are not the focus of the question.

Thanks to all of you who have already purchased sets this week.  I’ve been working hard on them, and I appreciate your purchases!  :)


Hot Off The Press!

Ladies and gentlemen, I just uploaded my newest set of grammar task cards to my TpT store.  These cards go with Day 3 of my test prep lesson plans.  This is what my kiddos will be doing tomorrow for their grammar review.

Task Cards

These cards go over transition words (which kids seem to have so much trouble with) and the a vs. an rule.  You can get your set for only $1.50.

Visit my store (and follow if you want updates) to get your set.