The Week Before THE Test

It’s the week before the test.  Your mind is going crazy.  Did I teach them everything I was supposed to teach them?  Did they actually LEARN what I taught?  Did they tune me out?  What can I do this last week to help them be successful on those dreaded testing days?

Yeah.  Most of us are thinking the same thing.  And most likely, you’ve done an extraordinary job doing what you do best…TEACHING!  😉

Relax.  Take deep breaths.  It will be ok.

In case you are still wondering what in the world to do this week…enjoying your last day of Spring Break…procrastinating with those lesson plans…OR you just want to see what others are doing…I’m posting my lesson plans for this week.

The things we will focus on are hit pretty hard throughout the entire test.  If you are from Texas, you probably already know the blueprint: 9 revising and 19 editing.  So will we spend lots of time on revising?  Absolutely not.  We’ve talked about and practiced all of those dreadful fun things like inserting and deleting sentences within a paragraph, transition words, and introductory and concluding sentences.  In my opinion, many kids just aren’t ready for that kind of work.  Some of them “get it,” and others just don’t.

That being said, we will focus on lots of editing things with a hint of some revising (AKA: combining sentences).  You can click here to download (and print, if your heart so desires) our plans for the coming week.

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 5.35.25 PM

Tip: If you attach a color to the writer’s tools that you have taught your kids, it can be a HUGE stress reliever on test day!  Just hang up pieces of construction paper that are the same color as what you use for the tools.  That way, when kids see it, they are reminded of all the writer’s tools they have used throughout the year.  If you haven’t done this yet, IT’S NOT TOO LATE!!  DO IT NOW!!!

I’ve done this for the past several years, and every year, when the test is over, my kids tell me how much more comfortable they felt as they were writing their papers.  They can just look up at the wall and remember all the things they were taught throughout the year.  Genius.  Priceless.  :)

Also, I’ve created PDF files of our writing prompts we will be doing this week.  If you are interested, you can click here and here to get all 4 days of writing prompts that look VERY similar to what they will see on test day. (Don’t ask me why I didn’t do them in order.  I don’t have a good answer…)

At the bottom, I’ve referenced task cards that I have created.  Many of you already have several of them…I know!  I’ve made a few more this year, so if you haven’t stopped by my TpT store lately, you might want to head over and take a peek.  You can click the link on the side of my blog, or click here.

Here is a link to a post about the Friday writing activity.  I blogged about it last year after the test was over.  We’ve been drawing faces of STAAR graders for years now, and it’s always a hit!!  This will give you an idea of what we do.  I also posted several pictures of my kids huddled around discussing the task cards.  Pure awesomeness!  😉

Best wishes to all of you!  I’ll be thinking about y’all this week and next!

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to post them in the comments.  We ALL benefit from your ideas!  Maybe I’m missing something..?  :)

See you on the other side!




Your Opinion, Please!

Good afternoon! Apparently I just can’t stay away from blogging for long periods of time. I might have a blogging problem. 😉

I just wanted to drop in quickly to get some feedback from my followers. If you have time, I would like you to respond to a couple of questions.

1. What products do you wish you had to promote learning in your classroom–as in a downloadable product?

2. What could you use to help prepare your kiddos for their upcoming tests? Task cards? Quizzes? PowerPoint presentations? Worksheets? Daily skill review? Bell work? And what subject?

I’m done creating writing task cards–for now–and would like to create some products that would help you and/or your students in these upcoming weeks to help them need up their skills. Leave me a comment with your wishes, and if I can help you out, I’ll get you yours for free. 😉

How does that sound?


Last Minute Mixed Skills Review

Wow!  I’ve posted 9 sets of task cards to my TpT store over the past 2 weeks.  For those of you who don’t follow my store, I wanted to let you know that I have several sets that review both individual skills and mixed skills.  My latest set has 15 questions that go with an expository piece and cover MANY skills, such as doubling the final consonant, deleting the final e, silent letters, homophones, a/an, combining sentences, inserting sentences, concluding sentence, and commas. If you need some last minute test prep for tomorrow or Monday, these would be perfect–and it keeps the test prep FUN!  😉


You can get your set here.

I’ll may be MIA until it’s all over with, so if that’s the case, good luck to you and your students.  Know that all of your hard work will pay off in the end.  Your questions have helped me take a look at things that I might not have otherwise.  For that, THANK YOU!! I hope that I have, in some way, helped you in your endeavors with teaching writing this year.  I’m rooting for you!!

Until next time…


More Task Cards!

I just posted a new set of task cards to my TpT store that go along with the Crunch Time Lesson Plans.  Apparently I can’t even follow my own plans…I did Thursday’s lesson today, so tomorrow we will be doing Wednesday’s lesson.  Can we say overworked?  :)

Grammar Task Cards with QR Codes Change y to iThese cards (with QR codes, of course!) practice a spelling rule: Change “y” to “i” and add -es, -ly, and -est.  There are also some answer choices that review the rules from earlier in the week, even though they are not the focus of the question.

Thanks to all of you who have already purchased sets this week.  I’ve been working hard on them, and I appreciate your purchases!  :)


Hot Off The Press!

Ladies and gentlemen, I just uploaded my newest set of grammar task cards to my TpT store.  These cards go with Day 3 of my test prep lesson plans.  This is what my kiddos will be doing tomorrow for their grammar review.

Task Cards

These cards go over transition words (which kids seem to have so much trouble with) and the a vs. an rule.  You can get your set for only $1.50.

Visit my store (and follow if you want updates) to get your set.