Five For Friday

Happy Friday!  We made it another week…woo hoo!  Today I’m linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her weekly linky: Five For Friday.


It’s been awhile since I linked up, but I’ve had lots going on lately and thought I’d join in the fun.


We tried letting the 2 year old help with baking a cake…

Yeah, that didn’t go so well…

photo 1

So he had to watch the hubs and I do it instead.

photo 2

 He was so excited…and didn’t quite understand that it wasn’t ready to eat as soon as it was mixed.

He waited patiently impatiently while it was in the oven.

photo 3

When it was ready, he wanted to help.

photo 4

I should have taken a picture of his face when it finally came out.  Priceless!


I’ve been a little mischievous lately…

photo 3-2

Bad grammar just makes my skin crawl.  Anyone else have this syndrome?


My in-laws came down (a couple of weeks ago) bearing gifts for the little man.

Have I mentioned he LOVES Disney Cars and Planes?

photo 1-2

He was SO excited that Pappy brought him some new ones he didn’t already have.

photo 2-1

It’s hard to see, but he had the BIGGEST smile on his face!

Oh…and Pappy brought the Texas Rangers batting helmet, too!


My husband has a few harmonicas around.

Apparently he has played them some in his past…


You have to click on the link to see the video.  Little man decided to give it a try.


This afternoon was absolutely gorgeous.  So why not spend some time playing outside?

photo 4-1

My mom got him into collecting rocks from the backyard and putting them into his “buckets.”

And he decided to take them everywhere today.  Even on the slide.

photo 3-1

Today was the first time he went down his slide over and over and over again.

He’s a little timid when it comes to slides, so this was a big step!  :)

Obviously, my world often revolves around my little guy.  I love him so much!

Nothing “teachery” for my FFF today…except maybe my OCD grammar problems…

What did you do this week?  Go link up with Doodle Bug Teaching!

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