How to Add Topic and Concluding Sentences

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Do your kids struggle with adding sentences to an already written paper?  AKA…the revising portion of STAAR!

I’ve put together a slide show that might just help!  This one is all about adding a sentence to state the central topic in the introduction and a concluding sentence at the very end.

I have been studying the STAAR, and this is what I found to be true after looking at the past 4 years of released tests.

One thing that kids HAVE to understand is that with a central topic sentence, it HAS to state the main idea of the paper.  That’s why many of our kids miss those types of questions…they miss that part!  It’s not a reading test…but it is!  *Sigh*

With concluding sentences, it is VITAL that the reader feels satisfied that the paper is over.  No new information.  No statements that make you think, HUH?

You can download it for FREE here.

I’m also working on one for adding in supporting detail sentences.  Hopefully this helps!