Pencil Sharpener: A Teacher’s Best Friend

A few months ago I received an amazing pencil sharpener from a company called Classroom Friendly Supplies.  This is a company started BY a teacher, FOR teachers!  Ya gotta love that, right?!?!


This thing is AWESOME! You know how you sharpen pencils and they never seem to get very sharp? Well, my friends…THIS sharpener will knock your socks off! No more dull pencils!! Take a look.


The pencil sharpener comes with a temporary clamp so that you can move it around. I would highly recommend purchasing the permanent mount once you find the perfect home for it.

This pencil sharpener is easy for everyone to use…even the kids! :)

Head over to Classroom Friendly Supplies and show them some love! Get one of these!! You know you want one! They come in several colors to match your theme…or not…whatever you like! 😉


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