Keepers 101 for 4th Graders

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***UPDATED*** Last night when I posted this, I didn't realize that I had two boxes with "there" on this sheet.  I had meant to put "me/I" in that … [Continue reading]



So many of you have been asking about my kids' flipbooks, so I thought it would be best to go ahead and post some pictures of them.  Since I have … [Continue reading]

Grammar Scope & Sequence with Daily Activities

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Hi, friends!  I promise to start blogging more regularly again this year.  I have had an extremely busy summer, and the first part of this year I have … [Continue reading]

Examples of Lists

I wanted to share some of the lists that I use with my kids at some point during the year. These are lists from MY notebook, but you might be able to … [Continue reading]

Writer’s Workshop Scope & Sequence with Daily Activities

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Ladies and Gentlemen! I've been SUPER busy cranking out my lesson plans for THE ENTIRE YEAR!  And guess what?!  I just posted them to my TpT store! … [Continue reading]

Tips for Writer’s Workshop

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Hi, y'all!  Remember me?  It's been WAAAAYYY too long since I last posted.  Other than just taking a break and enjoying some "me time," I've … [Continue reading]