More Expository Writing Samples

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We finally finished up our third expository writing pieces.  This time, we wrote about our role models. We started off by looking at some mentor … [Continue reading]

Grammar Keepers Wall Cards

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Well, hello there!  How are you?  How is school going?  I know, I know...many of you are on Thanksgiving break and are enjoying your time off and not … [Continue reading]

Expository Flipbooks


Several of you have asked about the flipbooks we use for expository writing, so I pulled some out from my presentation box to share with you. We … [Continue reading]

Our FIRST Expository Essays-In 12 Minutes

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Just like in years past, I begin our expository unit with explaining the difference between narrative and expository with my "Grandma" page.  You can … [Continue reading]

I See HUGE Improvement!!

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Whew!  We finally finished our first "real" piece of writing this week and celebrated today!  Woo hoo!! While these aren't even close to perfect, … [Continue reading]

Keepers 101 for 4th Graders

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***UPDATED*** Last night when I posted this, I didn't realize that I had two boxes with "there" on this sheet.  I had meant to put "me/I" in that … [Continue reading]