Great Ideas for Elementary Teachers

Great Ideas for Elementary TeachersAs I was searching through blogs today, I found a link to this article about various things teachers do to organize … [Continue reading]

Mission Organization: Recycled Writing


As I was browsing through the dollar store, I came across this really cute trash can.  I know, it's a trash can for crying out loud!  But hey, I'm an … [Continue reading]

Homeworkopoly Revisited


Homeworkopoly has been drawing the attention of several people and conjuring questions of all kinds, so I decided to revisit this popular topic and do … [Continue reading]

FREE Technology for Teachers

FREE.  I love that word.  FREE. As I was reading through numerous blogs, I came across and was amazed at the … [Continue reading]

Mission Organization: Drop Box


I created this organizational tool to give students a place to put party notes, letters from parents, doctors notes, absence excuses, tardy passes, … [Continue reading]

Classroom Organization: A Teacher’s Nightmare!

Stacks of papers.  Broken pencils.  Notes from home.  This pair of scissors.  That book that doesn't fit in the basket.  The list goes on.  Organizing … [Continue reading]