New Task Cards with QR Codes!

Ok, I’m SOOOO done with the computer for the day.  Quick post to let you all know that I FINALLY posted some new task cards with QR codes to my TpT store.  They go with the first 2 days of the test prep writing plans I posted yesterday.

The pictures on TpT are terrible, so here are a few to let you see what they really look like.





The first set goes over doubling the final consonant and dropping the final e on words.  The second set goes over silent letters and changing f to ves.  Each set of cards has 2 sets of QR codes, one as a hint for questions students should ask themselves as they attack the question, and another code for the correct answer.  More description on the product in my store.

Click here to get them from my TpT store.

Done!  G’night! :)


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