Grammar Scope & Sequence with Daily Activities

Hi, friends!  I promise to start blogging more regularly again this year.  I have had an extremely busy summer, and the first part of this year I have spent SO MUCH TIME creating some products to help in writing and grammar.  Now that my ENTIRE year is mapped out, I’ll have more time with the computer to blog rather than trying to figure out my next steps!

For those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook or Instagram (the buttons are over there to your right if you feel the need…), I’ve created a grammar scope and sequence to get you through the year using Gretchen’s newest book, Grammar Keepers. Grammar Scope & Sequence

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 9.01.27 PM


It is set up just like the one I did for Writer’s Workshop, with a daily calendar with activities, overview of each week/unit, notes to the teacher for each week, and a resource guide.

If you are interested in trying out either of my scopes, you can visit Gretchen’s blog to get the first 6 weeks free! The grammar scope isn’t uploaded yet, but the writing one is there.  Just keep checking back for the grammar.

Thank you to those of you who have already purchased either one or both!  I hope that you find them useful, and more than that, I hope that it eases your mind about what to do and when to do it…and how to implement her amazing strategies into your classroom EVERY day!

If you haven’t bought either one…and you’re interested in them…you can get BOTH of them for a discounted price.  Writing and Grammar Scope & Sequence BUNDLE  You’ll see this:

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 6.04.55 PM

You guys are awesome!  As soon as I get permission forms from my kids, I’ll be back with some lessons and pictures for you!  :)




  1. Chandria Ridgeway says:


    I adore your products!! i purchased the Writing Scope and Sequence approximately 2 weeks ago prior to you sharing the Grammar Scope and Sequence. Is it feasible for me to simply pay the difference of $15 to gain access to the Grammar Scope and Sequence? Please advise.

  2. Kayla,
    I will be teaching writing next year. I have been looking up resources and can’t seem to find your scope and sequence. Is it still available somewhere? Your blog and products are awesome!

    • Kayla Shook says:

      Hi, Andrea! My scopes have been taken down temporarily because I’m having to completely revamp them. I didn’t want people to purchase the older version and then get upset when it wasn’t updated. I’m creating a whole new one for each grade level that I currently have (3-7), and they will be available after TEA releases the new TEKS. If you follow my store, you will get notifications when new products are posted, so you will know as soon as the scopes are back in my store. Thanks so much for your kind words, and best wishes in teaching writing next year! I’m always here to help in any way that I can if you have questions! :)

  3. Valerie Thompson says:

    I was looking for your 4th grade grammar scope and sequence and couldn’t fine it. Is it still available? When will it be available?

    • Kayla Shook says:

      Hi, Valerie! The Writing scope is back in my store and should be the first product that pops up when you go to my store. I’ve taken them all down to redo them, so the links on my blog are currently broken. I’m working on the grammar one now. If you follow my store, you will receive an email when it is posted. :) Thanks for stopping by!

    • Kayla Shook says:

      Hi, Valerie! I tried to reply, but I’m not sure hat it went through. I’ve had limited signal. Sorry about that! Yes, the Writing scope is back in my store. The links on the original post are broken because I put out a new product. If you go to my store, you’ll see that the new Writing scope is the first thing listed. I’m working on the grammar one now. :)

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