Fun during test prep? You bet!


Amidst the frenzy of Math Camp (2 hours a day of test prep), my class managed to squeeze in some time to play some fun math games.  I haven’t taught math for the past 3 years, so these past couple of weeks have been strenuous on more than one level!  Searching through my cabinet for something “cool” for students to use for practice, I came upon some old fraction cards that were already separated into groups and in bags.  I pulled them out, thinking I could find SOME way of using them. 

As I passed them out later in the morning, I told the students to be creative and figure out a game they could play with them.  All I cared about was that they were looking at the cards and processing what they saw, so whatever wild game they thought up was fine with me.  To my surprise, they reverted back to “old school” games like Go Fish, Memory, and War.  It was fun to watch them so engaged in their learning with smiles on their faces. 

I’ve learned that test prep doesn’t have to always be boring.  Teachers don’t have to repetitively shove worksheets at them for students to be successful.  Sometimes it’s all about the students feeling success in what they are doing…even if it’s a simple game. 



  1. Lu Ann Douglas says:

    I sometimes think that hidden deep inside themselves students have an understanding of what they need to improve and how to do it. They may just need an avenue to find a way to strengthen their skills and understanding. Looks like they did that today! :o)

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