Come on in

I found it fitting to open up my blog with an open door.  No, not the “open door” policy, but my classroom door that greets my students and colleagues each time they enter and exit the room.  I wanted my students, parents, coworkers, administrators, and everyone that I work with to know that I truly love my job and that all of these people help mold me into the person that I am.

This door has become quite the conversation piece for me over the past semester.  I’ve heard all sorts of comments, from “Wow!  That’s so awesome!” to “The students are the reason I want to go home!”  All that matters to me is that it sends a message to everyone, letting them know that my door IS always open and that I appreciate ALL who enter.

So, today, April 15 (hope you did your taxes!), I invite you to come inside that door and learn and grow with us.  I’m excited to see what each new day will bring!

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  1. Lu Ann Douglas says:

    Your door is awesome, but what is even better is that I know you sincerely mean it. Great job! Your students are very lucky to have you as their teacher.

  2. Linda Caruthers says:

    I love your door! You were always eager to learn as a student–I am 100% sure that laughter happens in your classroom every single day. Test or no test, you make learning fun. I know your expectations are high. I am so happy that you love doing what you do–I always had fun.

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