Super Cute Fonts (Personal & Commercial Use–TOTALLY FREE!!)

Totally Free Fonts

I admit it.  I have a new addiction…other than blog stalking and Pinterest!  FONTS!!  I love fonts!!  I know, you’re probably thinking I’m crazy right about now!  That’s OK, you will find your font addiction soon, too, if you visit this website that I just found.

I know that there are lots of websites out there that offer “free” fonts, but many of them do not allow you to use their fonts on products that are not for personal use only.  So be careful!!  You don’t want to use a font on TpT or even on your website/blog that is for you only.  I just recently downloaded like…50 new fonts from  There is a plethora of fonts to choose from, and all of them allow you to use them commercially!

If you are looking for new fonts for back to school, head over to Font Squirrel for some awesome new fonts!!  I included the picture to show off a few of the new ones that I downloaded.

What is your favorite *FREE* font website?  I would love to hear from you!!  (It’s OK, if you admit you have an addiction, it’s not as bad….right??)  :)


Celebrating 50 Followers! Grab My Button!

So today, in celebration of hitting 50 followers, my focus was to finish designing my blog button, and I finally did it!  Woo Hoo!!  I know it doesn’t exactly match my site yet, but my blog will be undergoing a facelift soon.  If you would like to exchange buttons, feel free to grab mine, post it to your blog, and then leave me a comment with your blog name, and I will do the same.

To add my button to your blog, simply copy the code in the box below my button and paste it into a text widget (if you have WordPress).  Then it will show up on your side menu.  You can add a title such as, “Blogs I Like” or “Blogs I Follow.”

I found a few websites helpful in making my button.  I finally landed on one that was very handy in getting the button AND grab box to show up.  Thank you to My Everyday Struggles for an informative post!!

Thanks to all of you who are faithful followers, and thank you to those that just stop by every now and then.  As we all know, traffic is what makes blogging worth it!!  Ya’ll are awesome!!

My Blog Button

My Blog Button



Back To School Forms: Classroom Job Application

11After browsing Pinterest for awhile, I came across some teachers who had the brilliant idea of creating a Classroom Job Application.  I thought they were super cute, but I wanted to create one of my own.  I plan to create a board that has a HELP WANTED section where I can post the job types and positions.  I have several classroom jobs, and I try to assign a job to each student, even if it means that two students take on the same job.  Every other year I have just assigned jobs to students who I felt would be good for them, but I decided to let the students tell me what jobs they would like to have and why they would be good for the job.

Feel free to take this application and use it in your classroom.  To get the printable file, click here–>Classroom Job Application.


Now on Bloglovin!!

You can now follow my blog with Bloglovin!


Lift off!

Day 1

Today I’m taking my teaching and learning to new levels….out into cyberspace!  Wish me luck!  :)