Mission Organization: Drop Box


I created this organizational tool to give students a place to put party notes, letters from parents, doctors notes, absence excuses, tardy passes, and all of those other things that parents send to school with their students in an attempt to communicate with us.  Instead of having my students just drop them off on my desk, they will now have a specific place to put these items.  Not only does it help me stay organized, it also keeps them from blowing on the floor or getting mixed in with a stack of papers to grade.

I went to Dollar Tree, our local $1 store, and bought a plastic bin about the size of a shoebox and a set of perforated letters from the teacher aisle.  I glued the letters on the side of the box, waited for it to dry, and bam–done!  The best part: it cost under $2!  (I’ll say under $2 since I have lots of letters left over to use on future projects.)  I may end up putting some clear tape over it if the letters begin to peel off, but for now, I like it just the way it is!


Classroom Organization: A Teacher’s Nightmare!


Stacks of papers.  Broken pencils.  Notes from home.  This pair of scissors.  That book that doesn’t fit in the basket.  The list goes on.  Organizing a classroom in an efficient way that allows both the teacher and the students to function in a productive manner is not always easy.  At least, not for me.

I wasn’t born with the “organized” gene.  As much as I wish I was, the fact is…I’m messy!  Part of it is due to not wanting to give up even one second of my teaching time to put things away, but for the most part, it’s just not in me.

So–every day I am constantly picking up after myself and trying to reorganize things all the time.  I’ve decided that I WILL learn to be organized.  Last summer, I invited my sister-in-law to my classroom to help me get my supplies in order and give me tips on keeping it that way!  I must admit, I did a pretty good job of staying organized throughout the year, and it was a great feeling!

This year my goal is to slaughter this beast I call organization.  In my attempt to get myself together, I have created some tools that will allow me to do this much easier.  From baskets, to folders, to pencil holders–it all makes a difference!

My next few blog posts will showcase some of the things that I am doing to create an organized classroom.  Many of my ideas are from Pinterest or other blogs, but I like to put my own twist on everything.  Please feel free to “steal” any ideas that you feel would benefit you.  And, as always, enjoy!

(Photo at the top taken from http://greenberg-art.com)