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And the Winner is…

First of all, I want to say THANK YOU to all of you who entered my giveaway.   There were over 300 entries this time around, which to me says that it was a pretty awesome giveaway!  I mean, who WOULDN’T want to get free products from amazing TpT sellers, right?!?!  I also want to say a huge THANK YOU to Tara, Nikki, Farley, and Paula for offering their fabulous products.  I’m honored that they agreed to help make a teacher’s life happier by giving away their hard work!  Thank you to all of you!!

So….the winner is….Breanne Simons!!  She was lucky #13 on Rafflecopter.  Something about that number…

a Rafflecopter giveaway


I also wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you again to Lisa over at Teaching & Learning Stuff.  She was the host of my first (and only other) giveaway for 100 followers.  She graciously gave away a $50 online credit to her store.  If you need supplies for your classroom, be sure to stop by her website.  Lisa is so sweet, and she has SO MANY products to choose from.  She was very helpful, and the products arrived to the winner quickly.  She is also on Facebook, and you can check her out here.  She offers discounts to Facebook followers, so be sure to “like” her for updates!

Thanks again to everyone for stopping by my blog and Facebook page over the past week and sharing your love with your fellow bloggers.  Your kindness is appreciated!

In case you missed out, never fear!  I’ll be hosting another giveaway when I reach my next milestone.  I’m hoping to have another awesome giveaway when my blog, bloglovin’, AND Fb page all reach 200 followers.  You can click on the “Follow Me” buttons in the sidebar or enter your email in the email subscriber box to follow me on various social media.

My next post (this weekend) will be some AH-mazing expository writing samples, so stay tuned for more!  Until next time….


Expository Writing At Its Finest!

Another quick post tonight. I just HAD to share this with you. One of my 4th graders wrote this paper about her lifetime friend, and it is beautiful…just beautiful! The prompt was to explain why friends are important. Here goes:

Before I went to school friends were my smooth, plastic, pretty dolls. The ones I would have tea parties with, show my new teeth to, and the ones I would tell my fears to. Even though they were plastic, they were important to me, not only were they my friends they were my whole childhood.

Once I got to 2nd grade I got a beautiful pal that really meant a lot to me.  Surprizingly she was not plastic, and her name was *Molly*.  She made me think, “Wow, she is so fun, smart, and cool.” (Boom, triple compliment!) And the one I would share secrets with, show our wiggly teeth to, and share our journeys with.

Now that I am in fourth grade she is still my fun, crazy, funny, pretty, best friend.  And she still means the world to me.  We have sobbed together, cackled together, and we have been on a long journey together.  We have changed but our friendship has not.  Now we talk about gymnastics, fashion, celebraties, and things we never thought of before.

In the future i hope we could still be besties so we can go shopping, on a vacation, and even to college together and we can talk about our future together.  Even if we are not friends in the future, I will always remember my pretty, sweet, funny and cute best sister by heart.

WOW!  Isn’t that amazing?!?!  A FOURTH GRADER WROTE THAT!!!  I’m attaching this in PDF format for you to share with your students if you need some writing to share.  😉  You can download it here.

**Just a reminder that you can enter my TpT giveaway until 2/6.  You can get an extra 2 entries every day that you tweet about it!  Enter here.