Week 9: What We’ve Done


Another week is in the books, y'all!  Woo hoo! We started off the week hitting the ground running.  I know I'm behind, and I'm trying diligently to catch up.  So...we hit writing hard this week! We needed to finish up our flipbooks, so we took the first of the week to do that.  When … [Continue reading]

What We’ve Done: Weeks 7 – 8


Aaaahhh!  I'm falling behind!  I feel like every weekend, between soccer and shopping, I don't ever have time to sit down and blog.  And everyone needs shopping therapy, right?  RIGHT? :) Here goes... Don't kill me...I have ZERO pictures for week 7.  I was there four out of the five … [Continue reading]

Week 6: What We’ve Done


Ok.  Seriously.  Life has been overwhelmingly a *little* hectic these past couple of weeks.  I'm not gonna lie...I might even leave out some things because two weeks ago feels like 2 MONTHS ago.  Anyone else?  Tell me I'm not alone!! I'll get week 7 up soon.  Just not tonight.  I have a … [Continue reading]

NEW Interactive Notebook Parts of Speech Folding Pages


I'm so stinking tired today.  I'm hoping to get our Week 6 blog post ready to go tomorrow, but I thought I'd just drop in really quickly to say thank you for all of your wonderful comments and inspiring words over the past few weeks!  It is very appreciated and does NOT go unnoticed! Many of … [Continue reading]

Week 5: What We’ve Done


Another short week this week.  We had Friday off for Fair Day...and oh my goodness it was great!  Except that I can't seem to get through with everything...that's becoming pretty common around here. But that's what teaching is all about, right?  Flexibility.  Yes.  *I keep telling myself … [Continue reading]

Week 4: What We’ve Done


Last week was another whirlwind.  But we managed to get quite a few things done. It was actually a 5 day week, so we had our full time each day to get our routines down.  EVERY day we start with our Daily Writing Review.  The kids are enjoying it, and I'm already seeing some of the rules and … [Continue reading]